Logo Samples

Here are a few examples of logos that I like, for some reason or other.

Some general thoughts:

  • In general I would like a logo that uses my name. As a self employed photographer my name is my brand. My name is sort and simple: PHIL BOND. I like the idea of a clean, simple and graphic treatment of my name included in the logo somehow.

  • I also like logos that are simple and iconic looking. I don’t like the idea of using a camera lens or aperture – that’s too chliché. (unless it’s very clever.) If the logo does reference photography I would prefer that is indirect (kind of like the record label logo below. It’s the center plastic adapter from old 45 rpm records.)

  • My primary areas of photographic interest are architecture and travel/nature/culture. I would’t mind referencing things like that but it would have to be not busy… clean and simple. Maybe not possible?

Most important: